Hi. I'm Marco Bertorello.

And this is my personal homepage, where I store my thoughts about life, technology, music, photography and other silly things.

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Here's some of the stuff I do.

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Backup & Disaster Recovery

Protect your business with robust and affidable Backup policies, then test them with a realistic Disaster Recovery scenario.

Active Directory management

Fix standard rules for users, group & computers in your environment with group policy.
Stop pains genereted by software update with centralized solution.


Reduce hardware maintenance costs and introduce High Availability using virtualization technologies.

Business Intelligence

Keep your business under control with Business Intelligence analisys
and reporting.

Coding infrastructure

Optimize your DevOps lifecycle from project planning and source code management to CI/CD and monitoring system.

Ticketing System

Enable your support team to be more productive with ticketing system that can track users requests, start approval process and escale it from first line support to more specialized ones.


Keep monitored your infrastructure in order to assure availability and performance.
Hosts, routers, switchs, network links and services: with whole infrastructure healt under your eyes, you can easly be more proactive and start manage issues before users notice them.

Open Source tools

Reduce ownership costs of the software and avoid vendor lock-in with Open Source solutions giving you a fast and qualified support from the community.

Voip and Video Conference

Keep peripherical sites closer with 3CX PBX and it's powerfull video conference features

Here’s last stuff I wrote recently.

(Sorry, only in Italian.)

Bash $IFS

Nel bash-scripting, può capitare di aver a che fare con dei path all'interno di variabili. Vediamo come utilizzarli...

Martedì, 20/11/2018

Here’s some stuff I made recently.

My gear: Canon EOS 500D

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